Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shining Brightly This Christmas

Ah, the joy of the Christmas season!  Like many of you, we have been busy decorating, and enjoying this favorite time of year.

While we make preparations, I am reminded…

As we enjoy the warmth of our hearths, let us warm our hearts with a passion for Jesus;

by the hearth

as our Christmas trees shine brightly, let us take care to be the “light of the world;”

vintage Christmas tree

as we shop and choose special gifts,


let us share the message of the Greatest Gift of all.

baby Jesus

With excitement and fervor, let us remember to be “a city that is set on an hill,” proclaiming His perfect love and the message of His redemption.


     Have a joyous 
Christmas  Season!



Stephanie said...

Amen, my dear friend! Thank you for this sweet reminder. I have been teaching my 4 year old the joy we have of celebrating the birth of our Savior :) Have a lovely Sunday!


Anonymous said...

This is just such a warm and happy encouraging.

:) Hope

Mrs.T said...

Lovely! A precious reminder of what this glowing season is really all about. Thank you for sharing.

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