Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Passing Smile

Gentle eyes and a big smile looked down at me.  My heart melted as I saw this tall elderly man before me, whom I had never met.

Behind that smile was Felix.  His voice was as soft as his eyes and his countenance displayed a kind heart.  We chit-chatted for a few moments and although our meeting was brief, I was aware that he was sent in my path straight from Heaven.  Life is beating me down at every turn these days, and Tuesday morning, I knew what I was facing.  “Lord, if you will just get me through this with small things like a breeze when I am overheated, or a smile from a stranger when I am overwhelmed.”  Little did I know as I prayed that morning, the forecast would be an unusual fall like day although we are in the throes of August.  And the smile this dear man gave was beyond what I had asked for.

Yesterday, I ran into Felix again; just by happenstance, one may think.  As we talked more, I told him how much I needed his kindness the day prior and I went on to say that it was clear to me that he had the love of Christ flowing out of him.  It was then that I discovered he had been a preacher for many years and his words reflected an intimate relationship with Christ. 

Although his body is starting to weaken with age, it is plain to see that his character is strong.  His face shines with a life lived for Christ, showing an absence of pride and self centeredness, but rather humility and love.  I’ll never forget him.  Our paths crossing not only eased my pain and gave me courage, but gave me vision.

How will you affect those whose path you cross today?


Friday, August 17, 2012

Steps of Blessing

"Thus I will bless thee while I live…" Psalm 63:4 

These words seemed to jump off the page…  

Being a blessing to the Creator of the Universe…

I like the sound of that!  That is truly an amazing concept, isn’t it? 

So how do we go about doing just that?

Simply stated,

1.  Live your life revolving around Jesus.

2.  Live your life separated from sin

3.  Live your life making an impact.

4.  Live your life as a progressive journey.

[Painting is “Stairway to Paradise” by Thomas Kinkade]

Let’s be a blessing to Jesus!  He is so worthy!

Thank you for taking the time to visit today!  I’m glad that you are here!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Adventure of the Best Kind

Sailor Boy

Do you like adventure?

You do?  Good!  So how about take part in an adventure to reclaim stolen territory—God’s territory? 

There is so much need in our world.  Will you be one of the few that is willing to help souls that desperately need to know and experience the love of Jesus?

Now, just in case you don’t feel qualified, here’s the thing.  You are!

God made you with just the right traits—your knowledge, your gifts and talents, your temperament, your life experiences—all of which will help you as you witness, serve, and live out God’s calling for your life.

Why, you’re His beloved child and friend!  He’s full of plans and purpose for you (and don’t let anyone or anything convince you otherwise!).

I bet you already know where to begin…

Yep,  you got it, in prayer and in His Word. 

  • Take care to make your relationship with Him your first priority
  • Seek His guidance with an obedient and teachable heart 
  • Expectantly, stay on the lookout for opportunities that He puts before you
  • Realize that each obstacle and each challenge is an opportunity to grow spiritually stronger  

Your adventure may or may not take you to far away lands; it may or may not have you doing out of the ordinary things. 

Thus far, my adventure has been pretty ordinary in the world’s eyes, but not to the Lord, nor to me.  An example that comes to mind is having the privilege to teach my children to read, and now I get to see them as a teen and young adults choose to read and study God’s Word.  Many of you moms know what a thrilling adventure that is!   

You see, there’s no such of a thing as an unimportant assignment to God. 

Look at Tychicus.  His job was to carry Paul’s letters from prison to the churches.  Imagine how insignificant that may have seemed to a casual observer.  Reckon Tyhchicus realized how significant his tasks were going to be?

So just think, my friend,

what you do with your days will literally have eternal significance!  Isn’t that an awesome thought. . . . and responsibility!

Will you say “yes, Lord,” and set sail today on your lifetime adventure? 

There is nothing more fulfilling than living the life that the Lord Jesus Christ calls you to. 

The sailor boy image in this post is a free graphic that you are welcome to use.

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