Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Lord’s Awesome Ways

I always enjoy visiting Gail, over at WOW and Bible Love Notes.  In her post “The Blue Book” she tells an account of how the Lord comforted her, beginning with events that at the time were not necessarily noteworthy to her, but ended with direct help from God for her troubled heart.  I hope you will read it.

From Abby(Graphic from Little Birdie Blessings) 

As I did, it almost seemed familiar to me.  Let me explain.  What was recognizable to me in her account, was God’s parenting style.  The way that He orchestrated those events in her life that lead her to read just the message that He desired her listening heart to hear.   I love that.  I’ve experienced that.  

Here we are, you, Gail, me, not really knowing each other, just fellow bloggers living in different places with our life stories probably being a good bit different. Yet, isn’t it interesting how we are recognizably sisters in Christ when we tell our accounts of how our Loving Heavenly Father parents us, patiently teaching, and guiding, and comforting us. Now that is just neat!  No matter where we are, or what we do, or where our interests lie, for those of us that have chosen Jesus to be Lord of our lives, we have something very much in common – our experience in the Lord and His wondrous love and ways.

I must say, I am in a state of serious awe when He orchestrates events in my life to work together and I recognize them (always a  good reason to pay attention).

I am even more in AWE at how the events happened over hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus when the prophets foretold His coming.  These dozens of accounts were crystal clear about the coming Messiah,  fingerprinting Him, in a manner of speaking, so that there would be no mistake; only the true Messiah could fit the “fingerprint.”  And then it happened.  Jesus came, His identity confirmed, our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.  His lineage, all the events that took place leading up to His birth, even down to the census that would cause Him to be born in Jerusalem - all the prophecies were fulfilled…God, orchestrating events…Wow!  Not a lowercase wow, but an uppercase WOW! 

Blessings dear reader!  Thanks for listening!  Don’t forget to check out Gail’s blogs.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Bakin’ Bacon

“Well, of course,” you might think, but just in case you haven’t thought of it, you can put away that frying pan and make it easier on yourself.


Baked Bacon

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

2. Arrange bacon in a single layer in a large baking dish or cookie sheet with raised edges.  

3. Place pan on middle wrack and bake 20-30 minutes or until browned and crispy.

4. Immediately remove from pan with spatula and pat off excess fat with paper towels.  (I save grease to season other dishes.)

Quote from my mom—“My daddy lived to be 91 and he ate bacon and eggs for breakfast every day of his life.” (Still, a daily diet of bacon might not be the best plan. Smile)


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