Monday, July 22, 2013

Time for Summer Ramblings

Hey there, dear bloggy friends.  What have you been doing to pass the time this summer?


We’ve had a leisurely summer, and stayed cool by watching a few family movies.  My favorite “at home” movie picks so far this summer are:

1.  Unconditional - It was so well done and underscores God’s love.  Although very clean, I wouldn’t recommend this one for the kiddos, unless the parents check it out first due to some intense moments and violence.  Keep a Kleenex handy, a full box of Kleenexes handy!  You can see the complete trailer here, and read a review here.  You don’t want to miss this sweet movie!

2.  Last Ounce of Courage – This movie does a heart good in patriotism.  Good stuff!  See a review here

I have been on a history kick and have enjoyed a few afternoon “Sunday drives,” taking pics of old houses:

old and pretty houseIsn’t the entranceway to this home beautiful?  Serene.  Peaceful. 
This old southern home is just down the road from us. 

Across the street from it is a home that General Sherman stayed in during the Civil War; 

Civil War HomeI guess he liked it, because it’s still here!

I don’t know the history of the one below, but perched gracefully on a hill near the railroad tracks, I suspect it has a story too…

Victorian House

victorian house 2

I have a thing for this house, and need to do some investigating and see if I can find out some history about it.

Now, let’s fast forward a few years…

old store

In it’s day, the local old geezers used to meet here, gathering around the fireside on wintery mornings, getting their fill of warm coffee and juicy gossip in this old country store.  I hear tale that a feller could get educated here! :)  Kinda puts me in the Mayberry mood!  (Who am I kidding?  I’m always in the Mayberry mood!)

We got a little Indian history this summer, too, as we traveled to a reservation and attended an Indian fair, which was chock full of handcrafted items,


and fun entertainment. 


at the fair

(Did you know that Manhattan Island was purchased from the Indians for about $24 in trading goods?)  (Random trivia moment…) 

Back down here in the south…

Here are my sweet gals as they attend a bridal shower on a sunny, Sunday afternoon.


We are looking forward to that special wedding, which is just around the corner.  Don’t you just love weddings?!

Speaking of things we love, we’re due to pay the library a visit soon. There’s nothing wrong with a digital book, but there is nothing like a library full of good books.




A hamster on a wheel is a fitting description of me

each morning this month on my treadmill, where I catch a little reading time.

My dear friend over at Life on a Back Road

       has me motivated with her

 “Put One Foot in Front of the Other Challenge.”

I have had to slow down the past several days,

                                            but I am holding out hope

                                              that I am soon to be going again.

Christmas kitchen

Christmas in July is always a way to refresh the mind and spirit,

and I’ve been having fun over at Mrs.T’s Christmas Kitchen.

You will find lots of inspiration and ideas over there!

After my little sweetie's sewing lesson on Wed. afternoons with a kind lady that lives at my mom’s retirement village, we oftentimes sit outside at McAlister’s Deli, chattering with my mom while enjoying their yummy sandwiches and sweet tea. 

Summer sandwiches
One such evening, several weeks ago, our 30 minute drive home was breathtaking.  As soon we pulled into our driveway, my youngest and I scurried over to the pond, with flip-flops on our feet and cameras in our hands, attempting to capture the beauty of God’s painted sky, which I will leave you with.  Hope ya’ll are having a fun summer!  Stay cool!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Food Safety for Dogs

Some things are obvious not to give a dog to ingest, such as caffeine, alcohol

puppy teapartyBut did you know that onions and garlic are dangerous for a dog to ingest?  Even though both are good for us, they are toxic to your dog as they destroy a dog’s red blood cells.  This includes every kind, whether it is raw, powdered, dehydrated, or cooked.  Even small frequent amounts over time are dangerous. (Be aware that some baby foods contain onion powder.)

Most all of us have heard that it isn’t safe to give a dog chocolate.  That is true.  Theobromine is the toxic agent in chocolate and it is in all forms, including white chocolate.  Chocolate can cause gastrointestinal issues, as well as heart arrhythmia, seizures, tremors, and potentially death.

If dogs ingest macadamia nuts or avocados, it can be fatal, and takes very little to make them sick.  Nutmeg is also toxic to your K9 pet. 

Raisins and grapes cause kidney failure in dogs. 

As with people, ingesting raw eggs, meat, or fish may cause food poisoning.  With dogs, raw eggs inhibits the absorption of B vitamins.  Raw fish contain bacteria that can cause “fish disease” in dogs and may be fatal within 2 weeks if untreated. 

Dogs should not have any kind of seeds or pits.  Peach and plum pits contain cyanide, which makes the pits dangerous to both us and dogs.

Unbaked yeast dough ferments and swells in their tummies and will cause severe pain and possibly alcohol poisoning.

Watch out for foods that are sweetened with xylitol, as it can cause a dog’s blood sugar to dive dangerously low and it can cause liver failure.  Xylitol is also found in toothpaste, so even if Rover needs a little breath refreshing, don’t use your toothpaste. :)

Milk and dairy products should be avoided because it can upset their tummies.  

Fat trimmings is unhealthy to dogs, just like people, as well as too much sugary foods, which can cause blood sugar issues in our beloved loyal friends. 

Bones can splinter and cause obstructions and small bones can cause choking hazard.

Heavily salty foods such as chips or pretzels can cause ion poisoning.

Whew!  That is a lot to remember, so I made a graphic for you that you are welcome to use. 

Foods dangerous to dogs from sweetteaandsimplicity.blogspot.comDangerous foods for dogs free graphic (click to enlarge)
(Background dog graphic is from

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