Friday, August 17, 2012

Steps of Blessing

"Thus I will bless thee while I live…" Psalm 63:4 

These words seemed to jump off the page…  

Being a blessing to the Creator of the Universe…

I like the sound of that!  That is truly an amazing concept, isn’t it? 

So how do we go about doing just that?

Simply stated,

1.  Live your life revolving around Jesus.

2.  Live your life separated from sin

3.  Live your life making an impact.

4.  Live your life as a progressive journey.

[Painting is “Stairway to Paradise” by Thomas Kinkade]

Let’s be a blessing to Jesus!  He is so worthy!

Thank you for taking the time to visit today!  I’m glad that you are here!


Anonymous said...

This is what I find to be so true - as much as we turn to Him, He will turn to us. And He is such a blessing, such love, peace, joy - what a Savior! Hugs ~ Mary

Mrs.T said...

What a great encouragement, Mrs. Smith! I have found myself feeling "weary in well doing" the past few days. This post was a great blessing to me. Thanks for sharing.

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