Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Passing Smile

Gentle eyes and a big smile looked down at me.  My heart melted as I saw this tall elderly man before me, whom I had never met.

Behind that smile was Felix.  His voice was as soft as his eyes and his countenance displayed a kind heart.  We chit-chatted for a few moments and although our meeting was brief, I was aware that he was sent in my path straight from Heaven.  Life is beating me down at every turn these days, and Tuesday morning, I knew what I was facing.  “Lord, if you will just get me through this with small things like a breeze when I am overheated, or a smile from a stranger when I am overwhelmed.”  Little did I know as I prayed that morning, the forecast would be an unusual fall like day although we are in the throes of August.  And the smile this dear man gave was beyond what I had asked for.

Yesterday, I ran into Felix again; just by happenstance, one may think.  As we talked more, I told him how much I needed his kindness the day prior and I went on to say that it was clear to me that he had the love of Christ flowing out of him.  It was then that I discovered he had been a preacher for many years and his words reflected an intimate relationship with Christ. 

Although his body is starting to weaken with age, it is plain to see that his character is strong.  His face shines with a life lived for Christ, showing an absence of pride and self centeredness, but rather humility and love.  I’ll never forget him.  Our paths crossing not only eased my pain and gave me courage, but gave me vision.

How will you affect those whose path you cross today?



janice15 said...

That's very sweet, It's always nice to find a cheerful smile and soft spoken person...It does the heart good as Mr. Felix did for you...your story has warmed my heart. God's people are easily identified. They carry God's and his son Jesus Christ love for sure....wishing you a most lovely day today...with Love Janice

Mrs.T said...

This is so encouraging and so true. Often God sends encouragement our way and we don't even recognize it. It's so neat that the cooler weather and a smile from a stranger were specific answers to your prayer. I am sorry to hear that life is trying to beat you down at every turn. I've had days -- actually weeks and months -- like that. God is so good to send encouragement in the midst of trials!

Tami VanHoy said...

So true. When my children were young I would tell them that everything they did affected those around them...even how they breathed (a loud sigh would be given as an example of how the sound of my sigh indicated stress instead of joy)

I hear my own words daily and have to eat them more times than I your story today is such a wonderful reminder. Thanks!

{stumbled over via hearts 4 home Thursday...I'll be back!}
Tami @feeding a hungry soul

Denise said...

Such a nice post, bless you.

Pamelyn said...

I'm sure Mr. Felix received a blessing knowing his smile had been an answer to your prayer. A smile is such a simple thing that always means so much when your world is closing in. It's such a blessing to know the Creator hears and answers our prayers! Thanks for sharing.

LaFatatitty said...

Ciao sono Titty da Palermo, Italia.
Sono contenta di conoscere il tuo blog, perché anch'io, come te, amo Gesù Cristo e l'ho accettato come personale Signore e Salvatore della mia vita.
Seguo il tuo blog con piacere!
A presto, Titty.

Anonymous said...

nice post thanks for sharing ...looking for to visit more...blessings

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