Friday, November 23, 2012

Spiced Tea Recipe

This recipe is worth a repost.  We make it each year, and I am delighted it is that time again! 

If Christmas had a flavor, this recipe is what I would imagine it to be.  It has passed through my family as long as I can remember, always being a favorite.  It also makes a nice gift in a pretty jar and kids have fun mixing the ingredients.

Spiced Tea:

1 cup sugar

1 cup Tang

1/4 cup unsweetened instant tea

1/2 package unsweetened lemon drink mix (I use Kool-Aid)        

1 TBS cinnamon

1 TBS cloves

Mix and store in an airtight container.

For each cup filled with boiling water, stir in two – three teaspoons.

It is so good of you to stop by!  Thank you for visiting!



Stephanie said...

This spiced tea sounds delicious for the holiday season - I will have to make it sometime soon. I am so glad you liked the pumpkin crumble cake :) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a lovely weekend, my friend!


Marti Cooper said...

This sounds great! I'm a tea lover and very excited to try this! I'm currently hosting a craft/recipe blog party and would love for you to post this! :)


Anonymous said...

This looks yummy, and I think that my children would love it. I am going to save this recipe.

You and I chose the same blog background and blinkie. I just love the traditional vintage look of this sweet background.

We did our headers quit differently; I like the way you did yours...very creative.

:) Hope

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