Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Eternal Rewards

Do you ever consider the eternal rewards that are available for us to receive?  Generally, I haven’t, but God has brought this subject to my attention several times lately.   

Many of you may be like me, and haven’t given much thought to rewards – we’ll just be glad to get to Heaven! ;)  But God has more in mind.  Not only does He want to spend eternity with you, but He plans for you to enjoy it, thoroughly!

Think about it.  We experience joy from giving gifts to the ones that we love.  Right?  All the more, our Heavenly Father, who loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son, most assuredly takes pleasure in giving us wonderful gifts.  He wants to reward us, and desires for us “to press toward the mark.”  

In Revelations, chapter 4, God’s Word speaks about casting crowns before His throne.  Can you imagine the joy you will feel if you experience your crowns being cast before the throne of Jesus?  When our motives are pure, we can give back to Him! 

I realized that I had been breezing over anything that I read about eternal rewards because it’s not about me and what I receive; it’s about Him.  This scripture in Revelations helped me to see that as we live our lives devoted to God, endeavoring to be in the center of His will, although we are enabling ourselves to receive rewards, in receiving them we are actually giving to our Savior. 


The Crown of Victory (or the Incorruptible Crown) is rewarded to those who greatly desire to walk in obedience to God, dying to the flesh and sowing to the Spirit. 1 Corinthians 9:25

The Crown of Life is for those that love Him, persevering and remaining faithful as they endure trials without giving up. James 1:12
(In particular, this one rings with me, giving me courage and resolve.)

The Crown of Righteousness is granted to those who long for His coming as they live Godly lives.  2 Tim. 4:8  

The Crown of Glory is bestowed to those who share God’s Word and live as Godly examples. 
1 Peter 5:4

For those of us that trust Jesus as our Savior, and walk in His ways, we can be assured that the best is still yet to come!  



My name is Nicole Nolley said...

such a pretty little blog...just love the insight you shared ..thank you from your new follower..Nicole

Anonymous said...

Such an encouraging post.
Thank you!

:) Hope

Pamelyn said...

Thank you for your lovely blog - it has certainly encouraged me today!

Pamela said...

I don't think much about my crown but it's such an encouragement to think about "the best is yet to come." Looking forward to my home in heaven!

Pam said...

Like you, I hadn't thought in depth about this topic before, so I thank you for this post. Very encouraging and helpful! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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