Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dr. Stanley’s “In the School of Faith”

Hi Friend.  I am looking forward to Dr. Charles Stanley’s new sermon series “In the School of Faith,” and I want to SchoolofFaithmake sure that you are aware of it.  I hope that you will tune in this weekend—you are sure to be blessed with this six-part series.  For more information click the chalkboard above. You can access the series through the In Touch TV broadcast, online, or purchase the series on CD or DVD.

I pray that each of us will increase in our faith and more fully comprehend the love of Christ as we walk with Him this year.    


Katie said...

Love the closing line of this post ~ Amen! ♥

Sometimes, I catch Dr. Stanley's sermons on the radio in the evenings. Thanks for letting me know about this series ~ I'll have to check it out!

By the way, his voice reminds me of Earl Hamner's in his opening segments to "The Waltons" shows. Not sure why, but every time I hear Dr. Stanley preach it makes me think of that! Silly and random, I know, but just wanted to mention it. ♥

Hope you are having a blessed week, Mrs. Smith!

Mrs. Smith said...

Now that you mentioned it, their voices do remind me of each other! You're right! :) Great to hear from you, Katie! I hope that you are having a blessed week too!

Pam said...

Thank you for sharing this info. He is a favorite of mine!

Mrs. Smith said...

Hi Pam, He is always such an inspiration, isn't he? I have listened to him since I was a teen, and his ministry is truly a blessing. I am glad that you like him too!

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