Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simply Homeschool: Favorite Math Curriculum


DSC_0074 (Medium)Through the years of homeschooling, Saxon has been my favorite math and algebra curriculum.  I have watched my children make great strides in their math skills, including their ability to strategically solve complicated problems as well as develop impressive mental math ability.    

Saxon Math and Saxon Algebra is divided into 120 lessons and each lesson thoroughly explains new concepts and then gives the student a chance to try their hand at their new learned skill in the “Lesson Practice” section. 

The final part of the daily lesson is "Mixed Practice.”  Previously learned concepts and skills are not soon forgotten because each lesson requires the student to solve problems that have been taught in former lessons.  This section contains an ample amount of problems (about 30), which may be overwhelming for some students, but is easily adaptable to the students needs and abilities. 

My children are more geared toward language arts skills, yet after using Saxon’s math curriculum, they have become very capable in math.  I give Hake Saxon five stars!  It is a tried and true favorite.

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