Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simply a Review: Wii Fit Plus

If you are looking for something fun to add to your fitness routine, you just may enjoy Wii Fit Plus.  It actually makes me look forward to getting some exercise!

You can set goals, track your weight and BMI, and customize your fitness routine.


Create your Mii  character to look like you and you will be ready to go! The entire family can join in, and you can even make Mii characters for family pets.  This is a screenshot of our family.  (My Mii Character is the one on the left.)


Wii Fit Plus offers fun games and aerobics that help you forget that you are exercising and will make you want to come back again and again.



It also offers strengthening exercises and yoga.  It measures your every move, coaches and corrects you as needed, and ranks your ability and progress, while tracking burned calories.


Your family’s Mii characters cheer you on, march in parades with you, toss you hula-hoops, joins you in rhythm kung fu….



and much more. 

On the negative side, it is a little time consuming.  It takes me an hour of using it to get a 30 min. workout.  There is a meditation game that I don’t care for, but is easily avoidable.  For the strength and yoga training, you choose a trainer.  The trainer characters are realistically drawn, and the female is showing a little skin.  That is also easily avoidable just by choosing the male trainer.

Wii Fit Plus is a great way to exercise, improve posture, balance, rhythm, get kids moving, and have family fun!  It can be all about exercise or it can be a great addition to your family game night fun! I give Wii Fit Plus a big thumbs up!  

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Little Birdie Blessings said...

Thanks for the review, I don't have a Wii but perhaps should ask my dear hubby for one for Christmas. I have used my friends before, and you're right I was exercising without realizing it. My kind of exercise!! ~ Abby

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