Monday, January 6, 2014

The Little Tree

christmas_ornamentIt began with a red Christmas ornament.  A lone little tree sat on the side of a road in Brandon, Mississippi for months, after perhaps falling off of a truck or maybe being dumped out, back sometime in the summer.  The tree died, and had been there long enough that those that passed by regularly didn’t notice it anymore, if they ever did. 

Until one day, a shiny red ornament showed up on the crispy, dried branches of the little tree. 

The following day, the tree had a new addition; a strand of silver garland glistened in the sunlight as it curved around the branches, making the little tree with a sparse scattering of small brown leaves hard to miss.  Over the days ahead, morning commuters were filled with curiosity and anticipation as to what might adorn the tree next as they journeyed out to their tasks of the day.      

As darkness shrouded the night sky, bit by bit, evening by evening, town folks quietly added to the now endearing little tree, hoping to be as anonymous as those who had already taken part in embellishing it.  With smiles and laughter, families began to tell each other about the little tree. Who knew that one small action would grow and spread such merriment?

Before long, the little tree was filled with a colorful array of Christmas ornaments, bright red bows, beaded garland, and a set of solar powered lights.  Packages wrapped in festively printed Christmas paper appeared, each one nestled under the little tree.  Beside the tree, a small American flag brought patriotism to the scene, which to me, in a nutshell, represented what was happening in the Brandon community.   

This real life story makes me think of another little tree that is told about in one of my favorite childhood tales, as it probably does you.


In light of the new year as I map out hopes and goals, the story of what happened with the little tree also makes me think about how if we each do our part, what a difference it will make.  With busy schedules, we sometimes neglect what is in our hearts to do.  But like the town’s people in Brandon, MS, if each of us do a little something, just think of all the lot of somethings that will happen, and what great things will be accomplished as a result!


I hope that you, dear reader, had a Merry Christmas, and are off to a great start with the New Year.  Hugs to you, and thank you for the time that you have taken to read my posts and visit.


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Hope said...

What a happy, encouraging story. The world is a better place when we all do those little somethings along our paths. Thanks for sharing this story.


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