Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Once in a Blue Moon

My husband and I had a misunderstanding.  Requesting that he set the potted mums that were no longer blooming over on the side of our house where they wouldn’t be seen (pots and all), he dumped them out of the pots in the woods that is to the side of our house, instead.

Amelia-BedeliaHa!  Well, I suppose he is entitled to an occasional Amelia Bedelia moment, considering what he has put up with in me all of these years!  

That happened last winter. 

Imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon those mums at the edge of our woods, thriving and blooming, as if they had been planted!  Not that they make for a great picture in the middle of August in the deep south, but I want to show you anyway!

mums in the woods

Perhaps the rare, mild summer, along with ample rain all contributed to their wellbeing!

I don’t mind that the end of summer is drawing near, but I will miss some of the blooms.  Not so much the perennials, knowing that they will return, but it is hard to let the annuals go! 

DSC_3377 As for my coleus, there is a simple solution.  I will just break off a few pieces and root them in water.  Once rooted, they will continue to thrive through the winter after being potted and kept indoors beside a sunny window.  My grandmother always had coleus, although a different variety than these, and I’m fond of them as a result. 

I learned something today.  My husband’s SUV started running rough, and his engine light came on.  We held our breath…  But, it turns out, the only thing wrong is that the gas cap is cracked.  Not putting it on tightly can cause the same issues!  Huh! That was good to know!  Plus, I’m glad to breathe again!

I found this wonderful print at a rummage sale that I want to show you.  It was love at first sight, but then there was another layer to my delight…


After finding a name on the back, I discovered it belonged to my fourth grade art teacher!  I am so glad to have something to remember her by!

Well, if there is something that you have wanted to do “once in a blue moon,” tonight is the time to do it!  There will be a blue moon tonight, and it won’t happen again until 2015! 

Savoring the remaining remnants of summer, I wanted to take a little time to say hi to you.  But for now though, a good book and a good little friend, with a not so good, silly even, haircut awaits me.  That would be the fault of “yours truly,” I am afraid.  I wish you could have seen how embarrassed she was when the other dogs saw her after I finished.  Poor baby!  I’ve had a few haircuts myself that left me feeling that way too!  How about you? 



Stephanie said...

Ahhh... Amelia Bedilia! She was my absolute favorite when I was younger and now I read her books to my son :) I love the print you found and I think it's very neat that it belonged to your 4th grade art teachers - what are the odds? :)
So lovely to hear from you sweet friend! Have a beautiful day. Hugs!

Pam said...

What a great Amelia Bedilia story! (We loved her too!) So good to know that about the coleus. I love those and have been thinking they would be so pretty out front. Also, a great rummage sale story about the print! It reminds me of how I found that diecut business card of my grandfather's at a paper show. (I think your doggie looks sweet, by the way. I have had my share of mishaps while trimming Sunny!) Have a wonderful evening!

Pamelyn said...

Everything about this post made me smile! :) Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts with us! Have a great day....

janice15 said...

coleus, I used to buy them all the time when I was younger I haven't a clue why I never buy them anymore..they are so pretty. The mums look great.. it's a nice thing I think to wonder back there and find them.. your Picture is just lovely nice find... and glad the vrc no o darn forgot again..SUV there is fine.. lol terrible memory these days.. Have a lovely evenng Mrs. Smith..with love Janice.. o p.s.nice you found that book..

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Mrs. Smith...A delight to visit here in this very pleasant blog. Enjoyed reading some posts and learning a little of your life.

What a gift to find those mums blooming right where they were put, even if they weren't planted. Love such glimpses of beauty!

Your puppy is sweet...

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