Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Life Transforming Prayer

Is there someone in your life that greatly needs your prayers? 

Maybe they have allowed Satan to blind them, desperately needing to turn themselves over to the Lord.

Or perhaps they live for God but are going through a turbulent time.  

If you are like me, at times you may have found yourself feeling so desperate that you don’t know how to pray for them. 

In Colossians 1, Paul offers us a guideline:

praying girl (Image from Two Crazy Crafters)

1. As you pray for someone, ask that they will perceive life through God’s perspective;  that His desires and His direction will be the foundation for which they conduct their life.

2. Pray that they will “walk worthy of the Lord,” honoring His name, and obeying Him in all things; aspiring to have character that will be a reflection of Him.

3. Pray that their heart will be willing to carry out His will, and make a positive impact.

4. Request that they will have an intimate relationship with the Lord, seek His wisdom, and increase in knowledge and understanding of Him.

5. Ask that they see and experience the Lord’s power and tap into His strength for the tasks before them.

6. Pray that the fruits of the spirit will overflow in their life.

7. Ask that they will have an attitude of  thankfulness and joy; that their life will become a beacon of light.

Resolve today not to cease from praying for them.  God honors our consistency.

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availth much.”  James 5:16B 

Forget-me-not1(Forget-me-nots courtesy of Little Birdie Blessings)



Stephanie said...

Thank you, my dear Mrs. Smith. Sometimes I am at a loss as to what to pray for and this was very helpful and a good reminder.

Blessings to you,

ruthie said...

I love this post! It gives great direction for prayer. I've found myself praying for people to be given and to listen to Godly wisdom. I've also prayed that people will seek his strength and recieve it. Thanks so much for sharing this :)

Pam said...

This is a wonderfully helpful post. I'm going to print this out, thank you! P.S. The baby shower with the vintage toys sounds so charming and fun! Have a great day!

Michelle said...

As with all things God is in control. Thankyou for this post, what people most need is to have God in their own lives and not "a solution" this is a powerful post.
Bless you Mrs. Smith

Pamelyn said...

Thank you for this ... I'm also planning to print this out and keep it in my Bible. It helps me to read the prayers of Jesus and other Bible characters recorded in the Bible when I'm at a loss for how to pray for others.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your encouraging post. Prayer and Scripture is the oil in our lamps.

Have a lovely weekend.

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Perfect, Exactly what I needed to pray for a friend who has been on my heart. Happy to see you using one of my graphics. Thank you for this important post, and for the time you put into it. ~ Abby

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