Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Simply Chatter: Summer Days Dawn

I’ve heard it said that it is so hot the hens have laid hard-boiled eggs—that pretty much sums up our temps lately!

vintage hen postcard

We’ve been helping my mom move to an apartment, and bidding our goodbyes to my childhood home. My kids are grieving as much as my mom and I are.

IMG_0074 (2)

There is just something about a grandmother’s home, isn’t there?

Meanwhile, back on our home front,

I never know what I might find on my memory card when I pop it into my computer….

DSC_2682 - Copy

My oldest. . . .He’s always entertaining!

At least he still has all of his toes.  I may lose a few, because of


my new little friend“Bubbles” - a Chinese Crested Powder Puff.  She is sweet, but mistakes me for her chewy toy!

Don’t you just love mornings?  We have finished up our homeschool year, so they have been especially quiet and peaceful.

DSC_2546 - Copy (2)

I snapped this one morning as I walked around our yard filled with heavy fog,


delighted over some blooms,


spent some quiet time with the Lord, and enjoyed a God breeze. Smile

Back inside and up the stairs to check on the kids,


this was the scene from my oldest daughter’s room.

For us today, it is off to town we go, hoping to get my mom on the internet at her apartment.  She is like us and miserable without her window to the world!

Hope that your day is blooming with joy!

DSC_0072 - Copy


Kate said...

Thank you for this photo peek into your life this week. It was delightful!

Coming from Hearts for Home link-up.

Mrs.T said...

It was indeed delightful. Lovely to see your yard, your Bible, your flowers... The photo of your mom, though, was bittersweet ... she looks like such a lovely lady, yet pensive in that picture as she contemplates moving from her home of many years. If she is like you, though, she will soon make that apartment into a lovely home.

Your son's feet certainly added a humorous touch and lightened things up!

Mrs. Smith said...

Thank you so much for stopping by--I'm so glad that you did!

Mrs. Smith said...

Mrs. T, I was telling my mom about your comment today. Thank you for visiting! I love getting to know you through your blog and comments!

♥ a little of me♥ said...

hi dear friend its tuesday again...wanted to invited everyone on the tuesday's musings we are all busy people but sharing our faith is nice ..feel free to join...thanks if you do blessing for you all

Katie said...

My husband's dear grandmother is going to be going through this same sort-of transition in the near future. We are praying for her as she's lived in the house she's at for well over fifty years! Lots of memories!

You have a beautiful mother, home, and family! Thanks for sharing a bit of the happenings in your life ~ I agree with the others ~ a delight!

Blessings to all of you~

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Your post and photos are one of my first blessings this morning. I am thankful of God's gift of you to me. Abby

Mrs. Smith said...

Soraya, thank you for letting us link up! Take care!

Katie, thank you for your sweet comment! I hope everything goes well with the transition for your husbands grandmother.

Abby, you are a blessing to me! Thank you for visiting this morning!

Anonymous said...

I moved my Mom and Dad from their home to ours many years ago - it was a difficult adjustment for my Mom. Praying that things go smoothly and you get the internet running for her quickly ;) Hugs ~ Mary

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