Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simply Heart & Soul: Keeping it all Clean


Oh boy do my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator 
need cleaning out!  And my bedroom closet - what a state it is in, again!  It wasn’t long ago that I cleaned it out, but apparently, I failed to maintain it.  

In spite of my good intentions, there is always something else in need of my attention.  So I quickly tuck things away, thinking I will restore order on another day.

Generally, I manage to keep the rest of our house  tidy.  Just don’t look inside cabinets, drawers, and closets!

You know, our hearts can get in the same state as my storage areas.  It is easy to stay so busy with outside appearances of our lives, sometimes haphazardly tucking things away, intending to work on issues later.

We need to diligently take care of the inside too, lest our hearts pile up with things that don’t belong. 

At the close of each day, make it a habit to evaluate the day with the Lord. 

Ask Him how you did,

how you could have handled things better,

what pleased Him

and what needs cleaning up and purging out

It is far better to tidy up now, than to let things overflow into our lives like my kitchen areas are about to do!

Search my heart, O God,

Make me ever clean, pure, and new,

My Lord, my Savior,

I long to be in step with you.



Carrie said...

I love this post, my friend! What a good analogy between the cleaning we need to do in our "hidden spots" in our homes, and in our hearts! Thanks for sharing! Sorry I haven't got an email out to you in the past week as I'd planned--I have had a sick, clingy little guy this week, but hopefully I will have time over the weekend or early next week! :)

Linda Young said...

Very good! As I am spring-cleaning I'll be thinking about what else I need to do to clean-up my act and make sure am doing what God wants me to do. That includes having a positive attitude, and responsibly following through with things I've procrastinated doing, in relationships,home and business!
Have a wonderful spring!

a little of me said...

nice post thanks for sharing...blessings

a little of me said...

hi friend i have start a new blog i had too...had too much anonymous as followers wich i dont now...the delete option wont work..but here i am hope you join we dont loose contact...sorry my blog the battle of the good faith is being can find me at

God bless you

loves soraya

momto8 said...

this is a great reminder of how to definitely become a better human being and draw closer to God..self reflection though is hard work!

Tracy said...

Hi Mrs Smith - what a great analogy. I too stuff my heart away often and don't examine it and air it out and get rid of the dirt and dust. Great reminder to do just that. Thanks for linking this post to Winsome Wednesday. Its great encouragement
God bless

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I enjoyed it very much- especially as my house and heart can get like that periodically too. Blessings!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Very good post. I like your artwork, too. Cleaning out is a good thing, but sometimes people want to hang on to things. Even if they serve no purpose. It seems like our hearts hold onto thorns. Your daily purging is a great word of advise!

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