Wednesday, February 29, 2012

He Will Uphold You

Is your heart heavy?  Be on the lookout; God will make something positive come out of your trials.  

Remember that He is in the business of healing the brokenhearted, and He can use your pain to make you a blessing to someone else as well.  

Affliction defeats us only if we allow it.

Don’t look back, move forward.

Don’t give up, look up.  Look to Jesus. 

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Tracy said...

Hi Mrs Smith - great encouragement! When things are tough and you want to give up, in faith we need to believe that God has a plan and a purpose through it. God bless and thank you for linking up. I look forward to seeing you there again next week :)

Mrs.T said...

Lovely, Mrs. Smith. And so very, very true. Thanks for sharing these encouraging truths!

Anonymous said...

When you mentioned not to look back but to move forward, I couldn't help but think about what happened to Lot's wife when she looked back.

Great encouragement! Thank you for sharing!


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